Attention Investors, Landlords and Property Managers!

Worried About Your Vacant Units
Draining Your Pocket's Dry?

Protect Your Cash Flow with my Landlord Preferred Placement Service that Handles All Your Marketing Chores, Conducts Credit Checks, Handles Leasing Preparation, and Fills Your Vacant Units with "Deposit In Hand" Renters in 30 Day or Less"

Charles Blair

Dear Property Manager,

If you have learned the hard way that vacant units are the kiss of death for any real estate portfolio then you will profit immensely from the Preferred Tenant Placement strategies I will reveal to you in just a moment.

It's amazing how many hard-edged, tough, and confident property owners and investors develop a nervous twitch when they realize they have a vacant unit to fill. For good reason  vacant units are property killers 

Vacant units will:

  • Attract vandals, squatters, drug addicts, and other human cockroaches that will vandalize and deface your unit driving your prep costs through the roof 
  • Put your current renters on-notice that they can negotiate a rent freeze (or even a reduction!) safely knowing that your vacant unit has you on the ropes...
  • Lower the overall value of your property  alerting savvy investors that there is wiggle room in your negotiating price due to the lost cash flow from your empty, profit-eating, units
  • And the list goes on.

In my experience, the only way to handle a vacant unit situation is to attack it like a angry junkyard dog. Don't get creative to disguise, distract, or hide the unit until you're able to find a renter.

I'm sure you can relate to some of these desperation measures other have used.

  • Posting a sign saying Unit Being Upgraded for Future Tenants or 
  • Coughing up a few hundred dollars to Stage the unit disguising it as a model until you can find a credit-worthy renter 
  • Heck, some have even rented the unit for free just to keep the stench of vacancy off the property for security reasons.!

So we both agree that vacant units are the worst thing since black mold  but you and I both know that filling a vacant isn't as easy as it sounds.

The process is simple enough  but it takes time.

First you have to market the property  that means running classified ads plus creating, printing, and handing out flyers. And when you're done with that, do it again every single week until the property is rented.

And that's just the beginning

Once you have potential renters, you've got to

•  Coordinate times to show the unit

•  Run credit checks,

•  Check prior landlord references

•  Fill out the leasing paperwork

•  Collect (and sometimes negotiate) the security deposit

•  And answer countless hand holding questions until the renter is moved in 

If you are lucky, then you only have to do this once or twice a month.

But with the housing market sliding deeper into the housing market led recession hole and cash-strapped, recently jobless renters routinely coming up short at the end of the month  you probably are running your staff overtime to stay above water. 

I know because many of my clients used to be in the same property management hell.

In a moment, I will tell you how I helped them and dozens of other professional property managers and owners put their vacant unit management on auto-pilot protecting their cash flow and enhancing the net worth at the same time.

But first, let me tell you a bit about myself.

My name is Charles Blair, and I've been a real estate investor in the Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Maryland, and DC area for 15 years. I've successfully rehabbed over 300 properties and made money in up and down years.

THE Key To My Success as an Investor and Landlord Has Been
to Keep My Units Full At All Costs

In fact, many of my protégé's have copied my methods to build their own real estate empires in half of the time it took me. Every single one of them uses my insider secrets to keep their units full with respectful renters who pay their rents like clockwork.

While other property owners are moaning about their dwindling cash flow, my clients rest easy knowing that their property management chores (and profits) are on autopilot.

Here's what they have to say.

Charles your team is phenomenal, please tell Mark it was a pleasure working with him and I appreciate all the help you guys gave me renting my 2 properties, plus getting me $200.00 a month more than I expected, all I can say is you guys are my HERO! - J. Wilde Glen Burnie Md

I have to say it's quite refreshing working with a company that actually do what they and say what they mean, I will be referring all of my clients who need tenant placement to you guys. - Tom Black

I was totally blown away, not only did you get my property rented in 2 weeks but you got me more rent than I expected. I have another 3 that I know as soon as they are available you will be getting another call from me. J. Mitchell Halethorpe Md

How Would You Like to Have My Team of Tenant Placement
Experts Keep Your Units Full and Generating Cash Flow - 24/7/365

Let me take a moment to list some reasons how this service can put your Tenant Placement Chores on autopilot:

Our Preferred Tenant Placement Service includes:

Automatic Rental Marketing – I’ve perfected several methods to quickly get the word out about an available unit. We use the right combination of:

  • Classified Ads – We will handle placing your rental in the classifieds in the major newspapers in the area surrounding your property.
  • Eyeball-Pulling Flyers – My team will design the “Rental Available” flyers and handle all follow-up phone calls and questions
  • Free Listing in our own in-house property listing database that is used by my team of placement specialists to match quality renters with our best units. Here’s a screenshot of the listing below:

  • Internet Marketing - We place your rental listing on the Internet's top real estate and rental sites. Our team is constantly on the look-out for new ways to get your properties maximum exposure online.

    Here's a quick snapshot of the many web sites that we use regularly to market our client's properties: Craigslist,,, Google Base, Trulia, oodle, Vast, zillow, and others...

Rigorous Pre-Screening � Our pre-screening process is designed to uncover potential problems with prospective renters before they move into your unit. We take every prospective renter through:

  • Recent landlord reference checks  we will do the due diligence to make sure that there are no surprises down the road.
  • Review of Eviction history to make sure we are not placing risks in your units
  • An exhaustive credit check which includes a review of prospective tenant credit reports
  • Criminal Background Checks including a thorough cross-checks with the National Sex Offender registry
  • Employment verification we actually call current employers and ask the right questions to make sure that the employment is real and not a friend covering for a friend.
  • Plus, we review each leasing application to make sure renters provide all the information required by your leasing team

Property Showings  Imagine how much time you could save if you didn't have to show every one of your properties to prospective renters. This service alone pays for the cost of the service  which is much lower than you are thinking.

Lease Preparation - Along with Property showings we also cordinate your leases signing meeting with the renter.

Subsidized Housing Placements. We have extensive experience placing tenants for Subsidized Housing programs.  as well as the Normal Rental Market Tenant.

In fact, we actively place tenants for 15 Subsidized Housing Programs (with more added regularly). Here's a quick snapshot of some of the programs we support:

Section 8



Project Please

Heal Inc.

St. Ambrose

Rap Program


As you can see, our goal is to handle all the arrangements from marketing to signing the lease  without your assistance or intervention.

This is indeed the VIP treatment.

Let Me Show You How We Can Save
You $758.00 With One Phone Call...

Time is money.

Any filling a vacant unit takes a lot time and money. Recently, I sat down and tallied up how much time the average property manager spends filling vacant units:


Time Spent

Money Spent

Placing Classified Ads in Multiple locations

Writing the Ad: 1 hour
Calling and Placing: 2 hours

$280/month (minimum)

Distributing Flyers

Creating and Copying the Flyer: 3 Hours
Placing the Flyers around town: 4 Hours

$50/copying costs
$120 Gas
(30 miles of travel)

Property Showings

30 minutes per showing (average of 10 showings per unit)

$80 ($16/hour)

Reviewing Applications

15 minutes per application (for 10 applications)

$32 ($16/hour)

Credit Checks

2 Hours (submitting and reviewing credit reports)

$32  Reviewing reports
$100 Report Submission Costs

Previous Landlord Reference Checks

3 Hours (including playing phone tag with busy landlords)

$48 ($16/hour)

Lease Prep and Signing

1 Hour



Total Time: 23 Hours

$758.00 Per Unit!

Now, if you are doing pretty well, you probably can afford to spend the $758.00 to fill each unit. But, the time it takes is lost forever. If you have more than one vacant unit to fill  then you can see how your free time would be eaten up pretty quickly driving all over town to market units, answer renter questions, and completing paperwork.


If you are an owner/investor, do you want your property manager spending their entire month filling units?


Making sure that your current renters are happy and excited about renewing their lease.

The answer is simple for many of my most successful clients they insist that their property managers spend their time protecting their current investment  which means keeping the rent checks coming in on time.

Everything else is outsourced to capable companies to get the job done right.

That's Where Our Tenant Placement Services Pays for Itself by
Saving Hours of Legwork and Hundreds of Dollars in Fees

Now you are probably thinking that I would want a healthy retainer paid monthly for these services; Or perhaps you are bracing yourself for me to demand a percentage of your rent revenue to cover my Preferred Placement services .

Fortunately, on both counts, you would be mistaken.

You see, I'm a real estate investor myself and I don't like paying for any service out of my cash flow. At the end of the day, I only pay for performance.

And so should you.

That's why - I am offering you my Tenant Placement Services on a ZERO Upfront Cost basis .

Here's how it works:

Step 1:
You Sign Up For our Tenant Placement Services:

Step 2: (Value: $300 Free with Preferred Placement Service)
My team visits your property and conducts a pre-placement inspection and a full market rent analysis to give you the information you need to set the best rent for your unit upon your approval.

Step 3:
We go to work marketing, pre-screening renters, showing your unit, and handling lease preparation and signing

Step 4:
We provide you a new checked, verified, and informed renter to rent your property

Step 5:
After your aproval, We collect our fee from the security deposit we collect from our approved tenant placement.

This means, Zero Upfront Costs For You!
We handle the
entire placement process using our funds not yours. We only get paid, if we get the unit rented.


Here's What You Need to Do Next.

Since, we get paid after we perform the next steps are quite simple. All you need to do is

Contact Us quickly by completing our VIP Consultation Reservation form -

From there, we will contact you within 24hrs to schedule and conduct a FREE Evaluation of your Property.

Once we've finished our Evaluation, we will have a brief conversation with you to discuss your tenant placement options. We conduct a Property evaluation because we understand that you may want the flexibility of selecting some services ala-carte.For example, you may only need marketing support without the lease preparation and pre-screening services. Our Evaluation will give you the information you need to make the smartest choice for your situation.

How About a Guarantee with Some Teeth.

I personally get agitated with so-called guarantees I see on the Internet. Here's what usually gets my rolling my eyes in irritation -

The seller tells you that if you are unsatisfied you can call and get your money back.

I'm a bit dense at times but isn't a refund what I'm supposed to get. Heck, If I don't like the service I'm supposed to get my money back!

So you can understand why I won't offer a wimpy guarantee.

Plus, I really don't have to guarantee my services because I don't get paid unless I do exactly what I promised.

But, I will offer a

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is - Guaranteed Promise and its simple.
If I Do Not Place A Renter in Your Unit Within 30 Days I Will Pay You $100.00 for Wasting Your Time.

How was that for simple

So now, you have absolutely nothing to lose. If we don't put a deposit-in-hand renter in your vacant unit we don't collect a fee. AND I will personally send you a crisp, no-obligation, no-hassle, $100.00 bill. (Although $100.00 won't break me financially, it still a point of pride that I've never had to deliver a $100.00 bill yet!)

It's time to make a decision and we've made it as easy as possible.

•  Contact Us by completing our VIP Consultation Reservation form

•  We'll tell you if we will be able to help you quickly fill your vacant unit

•  You say Go to it

•  We market, show, and handle lease preparations for your property.

•  Your unit is rented. Your cash flow is restored.

•  We only get paid once the process has been completed successfully.

Preferred Placement Reservation


So what are you waiting for Fill out and submit your VIP Consultation Reservation Now!

All The Best

Charles Blair

P.S. With this type of Zero Upfront Cost Service you can understand why we can't take too many clients. Since we've started publicly marketing this service, our phones have been ringing with new clients. This means that we will have to stop taking new clients soon before we are overwhelmed. Complete the Preferred Placement Reservation today to lock in your spot and guarantee we will be available to fill your vacant units.

P.P.S. Surprise bonus! I've got a free ebook that I would love to put into your hands right now. It contains 7 of my most profitable tips for managing a real estate investment property. You can get it now by clicking here